On the screenshots of Doom Emacs themes (https://github.com/doomemacs/themes/tree/screenshots) I see the minibufer on the top of the screen with the visual autocomplete: enter image description here How to achieve this look and feel of minibuffer in vanilla Emacs?

The only addon doing something like this I found is emacs-mini-frame (https://github.com/muffinmad/emacs-mini-frame). In ivy-mode it shows something slightly similar, but the behavior of emacs-mini-frame in XMonad (the WM I use) is very strange (some problems were fixed with ugly hacks of XMonad config, but some still not).

I searched for «minibuffer» in Doom Emacs repo (https://github.com/doomemacs/doomemacs), but failed to understand, where this look is configured.


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Answering my own question. Yes, it's probably Vertico + vertico-posframe + marginalia.el (thank you @dalanicolai!).

I get good enough approximation of the screenshoted functionality with this (bad styled and old-fashioned, of course) .emacs code:

;; Minibuffer with visual autocomplete and help
(require 'vertico)
(require 'vertico-posframe)
(require 'marginalia)
(vertico-posframe-mode 1)

To get exactly the same interface (vertico-posframe on the top of the frame) you need to add to your .emacs one more line:

(setq vertico-posframe-poshandler #'posframe-poshandler-frame-top-center)

(I saw this trick here).

I found a blog post and a couple of screencasts about Vertico and friends:

I hope after studying all this stuff I'll configure the completion for minibuffer much better.

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