OS: Windows 10
Emacs: 28.2
Python: 3.10 Package: elpy
My init.el:


;; Use IPython for REPL
(setq python-shell-interpreter "jupyter"
  python-shell-interpreter-args "console --simple-prompt"
  python-shell-prompt-detect-failure-warning nil)
(add-to-list 'python-shell-completion-native-disabled-interpreters

Issue: open a .py file, press C-c C-c, elpy creates python buffer and sends code in current buffer to there successfully. However, there is no autocomplete in python interactive buffer. If input some characters and press "Tab" key, "no match" displays in echo area. If input a class name and a dot, such as "foo.", nothing happens.

Autocomplete works fine in python file with Python major mode.


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