I am getting the following warnings every time I start Spacemacs:

Found 2 new package(s) to install...
--> refreshing package archive: nongnu... [3/3]
--> installing package: ef-spring-theme@dotfile... [1/2]
Package ef-spring-theme is unavailable. Is the package name misspelled?
--> installing package: ef-day-theme@dotfile... [2/2]
Package ef-day-theme is unavailable. Is the package name misspelled?

I believe I'm seeing this error because of how I'm configuring themes. Here's the applicable snippets:




Is there a step I'm missing for configuring my themes? Why does emacs keep trying to install my themes based on what is listed in dotspacemacs-themes?

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Although, to me, it looks logical what you are trying to do, from the Spacemacs documentation, we find that Spacemacs indeed tries to install themes declared in dotspacemacs-themes.

Therefore, the solution is to remove ef-themes from dotspacemacs-additional-packages, and install the individual themes via declarations in your dotspacemacs-themes as follows:

dotspacemacs-themes '((ef-day :location (recipe :fetcher github
                                                :repo "protesilaos/ef-themes"))
                      (ef-spring :location (recipe :fetcher github
                                                   :repo "protesilaos/ef-themes")))
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    Goodness, I can't believe that I missed that in the docs. Once again skimming has failed me :-( Thank you for quick help!
    – Tom Purl
    Commented Sep 21, 2022 at 13:44

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