Currently there is an issue (or else I can't figure it out) with counsel-git-grep-function: why does this function not ignore the files in .gitignore when searching? It would be a useful function if it would ignore the paths set in .gitignore. Thanks!

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    Have you checked your counsel-git-grep-cmd(-default) variable(s)? Sep 23 at 11:25
  • Thanks! This is what I get: counsel-git-grep-cmd-default is a variable defined in ‘counsel.el’. Its value is "git --no-pager grep -n --no-color -I -e \"%s\""
    – Adelita
    Sep 24 at 13:53
  • I guess counsel uses that command. You could try the command on the terminal to check if something is wrong there... Sep 27 at 8:06


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