So I often use the emacs pdb tool (started with M-x pdb) to debug python code. There is one small issue I don't know how to deal with. When I start pdb to run a specific file the file appears to open in "debug mode" (I don't know if I'm using that term right), meaning that the keyboard shortcuts for things like setting a breakpoint are available to me. But if that file is running code from a different python file then when I navigate to that file I can't use these keyboard shortcuts (that file is open in "regular text editing mode").

So what I've been doing is use a command to copy the file name of the new file and using it to write the command b filename:lineno to set my break points. This isn't too bad, but I think it'd be nice if I could shorten this process a bit. I'm thinking doing something to make it so that once I start pdb every python file I open will be open in "debug mode" so I can use the keyboard shortcuts to set break points would be nice if that makes sense.

Does anyone have any advice of how to deal with this?


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