The *Geiser Debug* window disappears after pressing q. This is normally good for dismissing the error messages in the window (for scheme). However, I'd like to keep this window open so that I can see the output of evaluations. (And all too often, I inadvertently closed that window after an error.)

Is there a way to disable the use of q key to close the *Geiser Debug* window (in init.el)?

(This is with Emacs 28)

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C-h v major-mode should tell you the name of the major mode for that buffer.

C-h m will tell you more about the mode, and it might tell you the name of the mode's keymap. If not, a good bet is that the name of the keymap is THE-MODE-map, where THE-MODE is the value of variable major-mode. (Maybe the map name is something like geiser-mode-map.)

Then just bind key q to whatever command you like in that keymap. (Binding it to command ignore makes it do nothing.)

(define-key 'THE-MODE-map (kbd "q") 'ignore)

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