I'm experimenting with magit-section as the UI library for an Emacs package. Without going into too much detail, this package interfaces with a websocket and displays the data it receives as an expandable line in the buffer, preferably as a magit-section item. Nested inside it are more magit-section items with other data categories.

Unfortunately, I can't figure out, how to insert a section dynamically (on a websocket message). The following works well enough on buffer setup:

(magit-insert-section (root-section) ;; top-lvl section containing all buffer data
    (magit-insert-section (list-section) ;; first visible section with a heading
        (magit-insert-heading "Websocket messages:")
        (magit-insert-section (item-section nil t) ;; nested data is hidden
            (magit-insert-heading "List item:")
                ;; more data and sections

But adding an item-section to the list-section dynamically is very difficult.

Is it possible? If it is, how?

I'd really prefer magit-section because of it's ergonomics (setting a specific keymap for every section).



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