The Doom Emacs markdown preview feature needs to install one of these packages(compiler):

  • markedjs: a markdown compiler “built for speed”
  • pandoc: the universal markup transpiler
  • markdown: there are various flavors of this compiler. This module will look for these two:
  • multimarkdown: a compiler for a language that is a superset of Markdown, with additional output formats and features.

Can't it been integrated with Doom Emacs itself? Just need to add markdown in .doom.d/init.el is very simple.

When SPC m p, it opened an html page in browser. Can't it preview in Doom Emacs(a separated window) itself?

  • Begin your question with How ... and not Why ...? Why ... questions dont' belong here. You are asking Why is Doom Emacs dong this?, and the right forum to ask this question is the Doom Emacs maintainers. You arer suggesting some improvements to Doom Emacs. You need to post your suggestions there.
    – user31220
    Oct 11, 2022 at 2:45


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