While running gopls and lsp-mode on a Golang project, is there a way to list all implementations of an interface's function?

When invoked on a function name, xref-find-definition jumps inside the interface definition. For example, M-. on function area in this example will jump to the area() line in:

type geometry interface {
    area() float64
    perim() float64

..and not to its implementation. This is expected behavior since only at runtime could the actual function that gets called be derived.

As for xref-find-references, the list does not include the function definitions - just the interface definition and calls to it, which again, makes sense.

However, this is not what one often looks for when they want to jump based on a function call. Is there a way to jump to or list implementations of an interface's function?

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lsp-find-implementation is the function that does exactly that. The xref interface doesn't include a function for searching for interface implementations, so it's provided by lsp-mode independently of xref.

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