I'm not sure what kind of variable xref-backend-functions and how to update it.

After I open a .c file, I do M-: and do

(add-hook 'xref-backend-functions #'gxref-xref-backend)

and it shows me

(gxref-xref-backend etags--xref-backend)

So it looks updated, but then if I do M-: and type


emacs shows me

(eglot-xref-backend t)

And so xref-backend-functions is not updated.

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It's a hook variable. A hook variable has a global part, and the buffer-local part(s), the latter can be different between many modes.

In your example (eglot-xref-backend t) is a buffer-local value (with the special element t meaning to run the global value's functions as well), and (gxref-xref-backend etags--xref-backend) is the global value (which you updated with add-hook).

The usual way to update the buffer-local value is to pass the LOCAL=t argument to add-hook because the local values usually takes precedence over the global one.

The code which would call add-hook usually resides in some minor mode. But if you are writing your personal customization, you could put it in a function which is in turn added to some major mode hook. To c-mode-hook, for instance.

As a result the local value in c-mode buffers will be altered.

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