Consider the following file:

* My Book
#+OPTIONS: toc:nil
#+OPTIONS: num:nil
** DONE chapter 1 [2/2]
*** DONE section 1.1
*** DONE section 1.2 
** DONE chapter 2 
** TODO chapter 3 
** superseded  :noexport:

I place my point at the top heading (My Book) and press C-c C-e C-s l o

This produces a pdf file with the following headings:

DONE chapter 1 [2/2]
DONE section 1.1
DONE section 1.2
DONE chapter 2
TODO chapter 3

However, I want the exported pdf file to look like this:

chapter 1
section 1.1
section 1.2 
chapter 2 
chapter 3

I tried to use the option #+OPTIONS: tasks:nil with the effect that the DONE headings are not exported at all. Ideally, I could choose that the DONE keyword should not be exported with the heading, while e.g. the TODO keyword should be exported.

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#+OPTIONS: todo:nil stat:nil

The full set of options is described in the manual in the section Export Settings. You can read that section in Emacs as well with C-h i g(org) RET m export settings RET.

The relevant snippets are:

     Toggle inclusion of statistics cookies

     Toggle inclusion of tasks (TODO items); or ‘nil’ to remove all
     tasks; or ‘todo’ to remove done tasks; or list the keywords to keep
     Toggle inclusion of TODO keywords into exported text

You can use

#+OPTIONS: tasks:todo

to exclude DONE tasks, but AFAIK, you cannot select which TODO keywords should be exported: it's all or nothing.

Do C-h v org-export-with-tasks for more information on this variable and similarly for org-export-with-todo-keywords and org-export-with-statistics-cookies for the others.

EDIT: the syntax for setting tasks to a list of keywords is


But I had to do a bit of trial-and-error; I didn't find it in the docs.

  • Thank you NickD. The manual mentions in the 'tasks' section that one could list the keywords to keep. How would one list them?
    – GNUmon
    Nov 8 at 20:31
  • 1
    Edited the answer with the additional info.
    – NickD
    Nov 8 at 21:28

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