How can I modify list of directories which are omitted by default in rgrep command?

When use C-u rgrep I can see list of directories to skip (mostly version control dirs), but I'd like to add venv and node_modules to this list. There is a similar question about FILES and grep-files-aliases variable (see rgrep default files pattern), but I could not find anything similar about DIRs.

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It is explained (near the end) in the section Searching with Grep under Emacs in the Emacs manual.

It can be configured via the grep-find-ignored-directories variable (which inherits its default value from vc-directory-exclusion-list).

You can add directories via the customize interface (M-x customize-variable grep-find-ignored-directories) or use add-to-list to add extra directories to grep-find-ignored-directories.

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