I am running a session of emacs (GNU Emacs 24.5.1) in a qt konsole (Konsole: 2.14.2, KDE: 4.14.21, Qt: 4.8.7) with the command emacs -nw on a local machine. At the start of my session, the Home and End keys work just fine. However, after a while, the Home and End keys stop working and the message "M-[ f is undefined" appears in the minibuffer.

Closing emacs and opening it again with emacs -nw solves the problem. The phenomen happens sometimes after copying data into the editor-buffer by the konsole copy and paste function.

The related question at Home and End keys stop working correctly describes a similar situation, but as restarting emacs solves the problem a terminal issue does not step forward as probable cause.

What does the switch in behaviour of emacs reacting to home and end keys cause ?

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You’re probably removing the key binding for M-[, or replacing it with something else. Perhaps a package you are loading is doing it for you. Note that inside of a terminal, many common keys produce an escape sequence that starts with M-[.

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