Objective : Frame some areas in a source code file, with custom pattern (e.g "# - Name of Region - #"), and then having the choice to type the name of region to directly open a buffer containing only the region's inside text.

Could someone puts the name of something (plugin, function) that could help for this feature ?

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Library Narrow Indirect (narrow-indirect.el) gives you an easy way to create an indirect buffer that is a clone of the current buffer and that is narrowed to a particular portion of it.

Library Bookmark+ lets you bookmark regions, and it gives you an easy way to bookmark (persist) such a cloned narrowed buffer:

Command bmkp-region-jump-narrow-indirect-other-window:

Jump to a region bookmark and narrow to it in a cloned indirect buffer. You are prompted for the region bookmark. The region is selected as usual, in the bookmarked file/buffer. A separate window is opened on the region text, for the cloned indirect buffer.

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