I am working on a feature via Pull Request. While I was working, main branch evolved.

Now, I want to put my changes on the Pull Request on top of latest main branch. This means I want to rebase.

Hence, I proceed with:

1 - Pressing F to Pull

2 - Pressing -r to Rebase local commits

3 - Pressing e as elsewhere and choosing origin/main

Ok. Now a merge conflict happens. See:

enter image description here

It seems, that I have to make a choice:

enter image description here

I am picking the red one!

Now, I am committing. After pressing r again I choose continue. But, unfortunately, I can't continue!

The mini-buffer echoes the following message:

Could not apply 1fa2cedf... income_balance_reports.cljs - fix order Tax and Reclass on ATB

If my understanding is correct, even though merge conflicts usually go around "pick your version", in this case, apparently, there is only one choice, otherwise, I am going to "change the order" of events and history won't make sense.

Is my understanding correct? Is there an alternative for this beyond "just pick the green" version?

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    In the first picture I read could not apply 641a549e, the message in the minibuffer is could not apply 1fa2cedf. Shouldn't you just make another choice, and continue again? Nov 11, 2022 at 1:43

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Apparently, although the interface shows two possibilities, the only way to successfully continue on this rebase was to pick the lower (green) option.

Otherwise, apparently, the history would be screwed-up.

The hint was given by @dalanicolai

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