In calc, I can switch to the engineering notation by pressing d e. But how do I make that a default?

I can store the calc defaults in the file specified in the calc-settings-file variable but I can't find the elisp required to change the default notation to engineering.


Found the solution as soon as I posted the question ..


In my init.el:

(require 'calc)
(setq calc-settings-file (concat user-emacs-directory "/setup-calc-defaults.el"))

In my setup-calc-defaults.el:

(setq calc-float-format '(eng 0))

The defaults don't become effective right-away. Without worrying about what all packages I might need to require once again, I simply restarted emacs.

From lisp/calc/calc.el

(defcalcmodevar calc-float-format '(float 0)
  "Format to use for display of floating-point numbers in calc-mode.
Must be a list of one of the following forms:
 (float 0)      Floating point format, display full precision.
 (float N)      N > 0: Floating point format, at most N significant figures.
 (float -N)     -N < 0: Floating point format, calc-internal-prec - N figs.
 (fix N)        N >= 0: Fixed point format, N places after decimal point.
 (sci 0)        Scientific notation, full precision.
 (sci N)        N > 0: Scientific notation, N significant figures.
 (sci -N)       -N < 0: Scientific notation, calc-internal-prec - N figs.
 (eng 0)        Engineering notation, full precision.
 (eng N)        N > 0: Engineering notation, N significant figures.
 (eng -N)       -N < 0: Engineering notation, calc-internal-prec - N figs.")

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