Suppose a merge conflict happens. There are two options shown the upper (in red) and the lower (in green):

enter image description here

I would like to avoid complex ediff-mode stuff to pick one. I have seen some tutorial where the user would easily pick one of the them with a command. I believe it is a magit command.

What is the magit command to easily pick one of them?

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    There's smerge-keep-current, bound to C-c ^ RET that chooses the option under the cursor.
    – aadcg
    Jan 2 at 8:33

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Use smerge-keep-lower to pick the lower (green) or smerge-keep-upper to get the upper (red) version. These are the commands.

Note: they are not magit commands! See documentation:

smerge-keep-lower is an interactive compiled Lisp function in


Keep the "lower" version of a merge conflict.
In a conflict that looks like:
this keeps "LLL".

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