I sometimes use M-/ to complete words but it is not case sensitive. For example :

the word is : showPublic and when I write show and then put M-/, It completes as showpublic. How can I fix this ?

Or at least, how can I see the possible completion ?

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See options dabbrev-case-fold-search and dabbrev-upcase-means-case-search:

dabbrev-case-fold-search is a variable defined in `dabbrev.el'.
Its value is case-fold-search

  This variable can be risky when used as a file-local variable.

Control whether dabbrev searches should ignore case.
A value of nil means case is significant.
A value of `case-fold-search' means case is significant
 if `case-fold-search' is nil.
Any other non-nil version means case is not significant.

You can customize this variable.

dabbrev-upcase-means-case-search is a variable defined in `dabbrev.el'.
Its value is nil

The significance of an uppercase character in an abbreviation.
A nil value means case fold search when searching for possible expansions;
non-nil means case sensitive search.

This variable has an effect only when the value of
`dabbrev-case-fold-search' says to ignore case.

You can customize this variable.

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I did a quick test with emacs -Q

I typed "showPublic" then "show M-/" and it completed as "showPublic" (emacs 24.4) so I think it might be a configuration problem.

Could you retry editing your document in context while launching emacs with the -Q option?

If the completion is correct then it would be a configuration problem. Sorry to not be able to help more...

  • It's fine, thank you for your attention, actually if I have only showPublic then yes It might complete fine, but If I don't or I do not really know why but generally when a buffer is big enough it doesn't complete right at all. Commented Jan 17, 2015 at 4:11
  • Try with both "showpublic" and "showPublic", with "showpublic" before point and "showPublic" after point. So the new entry will be in between the two. Now type "showP" and use M-/ ; it will complete to "showpublic", ignoring "showPublic" (even when pressing M-/ multiple times).
    – 9769953
    Commented Jul 4, 2022 at 8:59

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