Can we make org-publish export quotes "" as literal uni-code symbols instead of html entities such as “ and ”?

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Do C-h v org-entities and C-h v org-entities-user. You can override the ldquo and rdquo entries in the first one by supplying modified entries for the second one.

E.g. org-entities says:

 ("ldquo" "\\textquotedblleft{}" nil "“" "\"" "\"" "“")
 ("rdquo" "\\textquotedblright{}" nil "”" "\"" "\"" "”")

So, assuming that org-entities-user is nil (as it is by default), you can override those entries with:

(setq org-entities-user
 '(("ldquo" "\\textquotedblleft{}" nil "“" "\"" "\"" "“")
   ("rdquo" "\\textquotedblright{}" nil "”" "\"" "\"" "”")))

where I have replaced the HTML entity entries with the UTF-8 ones.

Untested. I'm not sure whether there should be a string entry as well (see the value of org-entities and look for "** Quotations"); I don't know what these string entries are used for.

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