Suppose someone (not me) submitted a Pull Request on GitHub.

Locally, I would like to run that work. Hence, I need to have the code locally. Following this documentation, I can achieve that in the terminal with:

$ git fetch origin pull/ID/head:BRANCH_NAME

ID is the PR #number on GitHUb. And BRANCH_NAME is the branch associated to the PR.

I tried doing the same via Magit interface but had no success.

I tried pressing f (associated to command Fetch. Then, typing e as elsewhere and typing origin pull/ID/head:BRANCH_NAME or origin/pull/ID/head:BRANCH_NAME. But, it did not work out.

How can I achieve the same via Magit?

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Execute the instructions below:

1 - execute f

2 - press r as explicit refspec

3 - type origin (since terminal used origin, could be another thing...)

4 - type pull/ID/head:BRANCH_NAME


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