When launching emacs, I've been manually calling

(dotimes (i (or arg 15))

to zoom the frame in 15 times over. I actually added this to a script so that it happens every time I launch a new instance of emacs.

The problem is that it is pretty laggy/takes a few seconds of stutter for it to achieve this.

Question: Is there a way to set the default size of an emacs frame when it launches (to avoid this stutter/lag) to 15x the default?

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  1. You can set the default for new frames by customizing option default-frame-alist: size, position, font size, whatever parameters you like. It's the font size that zooming changes.

  2. Since you are using library zoom-frm.el, you can customize option frame-zoom-font-difference, to increase the size of a zoom increment. The doc of zoom-frm-in etc. tells you about this option.

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