My problem is almost a repost from reddit (original post). Recently, I opened a issue trying to explain what is going on (issue), but the reddit post was clearer than my explanation and very similar to my problem.

Say I have the files main.org and other.org, which are in different directories. In main.org I include other.org, and other.org has a hyperlink to an image [[file:image.png]].

image.png is in the same directory as other.org so when I export other.org to pdf, the image is found and included in the output.

However, when exporting main.org, in the generated main.tex file it'll try to find ./image.png even though that's in a different directory, so when exporting main.org none of the images with relative links are included in the output

Anyone have advice on how I should fix this, without specifying the full path each time I link to an image?

The problem that I am facing is quite similar. The only difference is that I have a slightly different file structure, such as:

├── thesis.org
├── research_paper
│   └── other.org
|─────  figs
│       └── image.png

As from the original reddit post, the figure/file paths are not updated when exporting to PDF, causing a file with missing figures.

Update: An important difference between mine problem and that from reddit is that my other.org also have #+INCLUDEs insed and I guess that could be the source of the problem. Is it possible to org updates the file paths in a recursive use of #+INCLUDEs?

Expected behaviour: Org-mode updates relative paths when using #+include command, and successfully generates a PDF file.

Actual behaviour: Org-mode use paths as it is when exporting to .tex.

Emacs configuration: Doom emacs based

Org-mode version: 9.6

  • I cannot reproduce it (Org mode version 9.6 (release_9.6-126-gf731d4)) with either the structure described in the reddit quote or with your structure. In both cases, I get a PDF displaying the images. In the second case, other.org uses [[file:../figs/image.png]] for the link and thesis.org #+INCLUDEs ./research_paper/other.org. I also added a link to a second image in thesis.org like this: [[file:./figs/fig2.png]] and both images are shown in the exported PDF.
    – NickD
    Jan 17, 2023 at 6:30


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