I have an org-roam directory where I keep all my notes in org files. Currently to search through my notes, I use keyword searching using ripgrep with rg.el. With this method, rg pops up the results in the minibuffer and I can cycle through them and select one of the items to open the file.

I recently moved towards building a semantic search model in Python and it takes my keywords as inputs and outputs the filename and relevant text in the file. I wanted to to present the output the same way rg.el presents it in the minibuffer in Eemacs. I was wondering how I can do this or what direction to look towards since I have not built any custom Elisp programs before?

  • You should use completing-read probably with process-lines. Might you have a question about how to use it, then please add an example of the output from your python file to the question (not in a comment). Thanks Jan 28 at 5:44


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