Because the lsp package sets the default checker to lsp (chaining not supported) I am using this WA to chain another checker to lsp:

(defvar-local my/flycheck-local-cache nil)

(defun my/flycheck-checker-get (fn checker property)
  (or (alist-get property (alist-get checker my/flycheck-local-cache))
      (funcall fn checker property))) 

(advice-add 'flycheck-checker-get :around 'my/flycheck-checker-get)

(add-hook 'lsp-managed-mode-hook
          (lambda ()
            (when (derived-mode-p 'sh-mode)
              (setq my/flycheck-local-cache '((lsp . ((next-checkers . (c/c++-cppcheck)))))))))

The WA works good, the, cppcheck checker is ran after the lsp one and the cppcheck issues are shown in the buffer.

The problem is that in lsp-ui-flycheck-list and lsp-treemacs-errors-list only the errors from the lsp checker are shown. How can I add the errors from cppcheck to lsp-ui as well?


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