Often when I issue a bash command, the results opens in a popup buffer, instead of going into the RESULTS drawer. F.ex this command.

#+begin_src shell
nc -w 2 -v -z danzinger 8507

It opens in a popup buffer

Connection to danzinger () 8507 port [tcp/*] succeeded!

If I instead issue a "date" command, the results goes into RESULTS;)

Any pointers?;)

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In general see C-hig (org)Results of Evaluation for selecting and formatting output. E.g. (somewhat redundantly):

#+begin_src shell :results output verbatim drawer replace
echo "foo bar"

foo bar

In your case I'm guessing the output that you're seeing in a separate buffer is standard error, so probably just redirect that as part of your command?

#+begin_src shell
nc ... 2>&1

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