I would like to add a "super-heading" with recursive section indentation.

By that I mean that I want to transform the content:

* Fruits
** Durian
** Jackfruit
** Lychee

to become

* Produce
** Fruits
*** Durian
*** Jackfruit
*** Lychee

But of course whatever is under "Durian" etc also need to be appropriately indented.

Is there a way to do this?


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You can demote the whole Fruits subtree with M-S-<right> (hold down Meta and Shift and press the right arrow). That key combo is bound to the function org-shiftmetaright which does context-dependent things: when it is at a heading it calls org-demote-subtree which does what you want with the Fruits subtree.

The doc string of org-shiftmetaright which you can get with C-h f org-shiftmetaright says:

Demote subtree or insert table column.
Calls ‘org-demote-subtree’, ‘org-indent-item-tree’, or
‘org-table-insert-column’, depending on context.  See the
individual commands for more information.

You can then add a top-level Produce heading by opening up an empty line above with C-O, if necessary, and adding a heading with M-RET.

Demoting a subtree can also be done through the Org menu item,: look under Edit Structure/Demote subtree. See Structure Editing in the Org manual for more structure-editing commands.

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