I apologize if this is a noob-question, I have little experience with Git. I wanted to set up Magit for my projects, and I followed the "Getting Started" section of the Magit manual by creating a new file in a git repository folder for a project that I had already synched using the GitHub GUI and following the instructions. However, after I try to commit in the Magit-buffer, I get the error:

transient-setup: Wrong type argument: integer-or-marker-p, nil

I saw that the Magit FAQ has a section on problems with committing https://magit.vc/manual/magit/I-am-having-problems-committing.html, but I'm not sure this applies to me. I've configured git in the terminal to use Emacs as an editor, I enabled the emacs systemd-unit, set user variables VISUAL=emacsclient and EDITOR=emacsclient and if I run:

emacsclient -c

in the terminal, it opens a buffer. I installed Magit through Melpa and M-x magit-version prints:

Magit 20230217.2343 [>=], Git 2.39.2, Emacs 28.2, gnu/linux

What am I missing?

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It was a bug that has been corrected over night.

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