Disclaimer: newbie to emacs, vaguely competent on MacOS and git.

I'm building emacs on OSX Yosemite from the git master repo. I've done this several times, primarily by using

./configure --with-ns --with-imagemagick --with-rsvg --with gnutls

with greater or lesser degrees of success, depending on current state of master.

However, I derived this config from lunaryorn's excellent discussion of emacs on MacOS without really understanding what I'm doing.

I decide to take a look today at the configure.ac file to find out what compile options are actually available. The relevant bits seem to be these:

OPTION_DEFAULT_ON([xpm],[don't compile with XPM image support]) OPTION_DEFAULT_ON([jpeg],[don't compile with JPEG image support]) OPTION_DEFAULT_ON([tiff],[don't compile with TIFF image support]) OPTION_DEFAULT_ON([gif],[don't compile with GIF image support]) OPTION_DEFAULT_ON([png],[don't compile with PNG image support]) OPTION_DEFAULT_ON([rsvg],[don't compile with SVG image support]) OPTION_DEFAULT_ON([xml2],[don't compile with XML parsing support]) OPTION_DEFAULT_ON([imagemagick],[don't compile with ImageMagick image support])

OPTION_DEFAULT_ON([xft],[don't use XFT for anti aliased fonts]) OPTION_DEFAULT_ON([libotf],[don't use libotf for OpenType font support]) OPTION_DEFAULT_ON([m17n-flt],[don't use m17n-flt for text shaping])

OPTION_DEFAULT_ON([toolkit-scroll-bars],[don't use Motif or Xaw3d scroll bars]) OPTION_DEFAULT_ON([xaw3d],[don't use Xaw3d]) OPTION_DEFAULT_ON([xim],[don't use X11 XIM]) OPTION_DEFAULT_OFF([ns],[use NeXTstep (Cocoa or GNUstep) windowing system]) OPTION_DEFAULT_OFF([w32], [use native MS Windows GUI in a Cygwin build])

OPTION_DEFAULT_ON([gpm],[don't use -lgpm for mouse support on a GNU/Linux console]) OPTION_DEFAULT_ON([dbus],[don't compile with D-Bus support]) OPTION_DEFAULT_ON([gconf],[don't compile with GConf support]) OPTION_DEFAULT_ON([gsettings],[don't compile with GSettings support]) OPTION_DEFAULT_ON([selinux],[don't compile with SELinux support]) OPTION_DEFAULT_ON([gnutls],[don't use -lgnutls for SSL/TLS support]) OPTION_DEFAULT_ON([zlib],[don't compile with zlib decompression support])

From what I can tell, it seems that imagemagick et al are already being built by default, so I only really need to use the --with-ns flag.

  1. Is that correct?
  2. If so, are there any of these default_ON settings that I can turn off as not relevant (such as the X-related ones?)?
  3. In regards to lunaryorn's config mentioned above, would I need to use those options for a brew install version of emacs?
  4. Finally, any other tips on building from source?
  • You can check such things by looking at the summary printed by configure at the end. It lists which libraries ended up enabled/disabled. In my experience, --with-ns tends to disable X related things and unnecessary graphics libraries etc. (Other tips? mkdir my-build-dir && cd my-build-dir && ../configure --with-ns && make to keep the main source dir clean.)
    – legoscia
    Jan 21, 2015 at 14:23


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