I am trying to install Emacs vterm. Following its documentation, I added this to my init.el:

(use-package vterm
    :ensure t)

I have made sure that the dependencies are installed in my system (Ubuntu 22.04, Emacs 28). The install went well. However, it required a confirmation in the status line before I can continue:

Vterm needs `vterm-module' to work. Compile it now? (y or n)

This breaks automatic initialization on remote machines.

Is there way in use-package (or Emacs in general) to suppress such confirmation so that Emacs will skip the question as if a yes or y is provided as the answer?

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I know of no way to suppress all confirmations but in the case of vterm you can do:

(setq vterm-always-compile-module t)

From the docstring of that variable:

If not nil, if ‘vterm-module’ is not found, compile it without asking.

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