I want to use yasnippet in three modes. I have this in my init.el:

;;; Yasnippet
(use-package yasnippet
  :commands yas-minor-mode
  :config (yas-reload-all)
  :hook ((org-mode text-mode emacs-lisp-mode) . yas-minor-mode))

I can create and successfully expand snippets for org-mode and text-mode. My snippets are stored here: /home/red/.emacs.d/snippets.

In this folder I also have a lisp-mode folder. A trivial example of a snippet for lisp is this:

# -*- mode: snippet -*-
# name: line
# key: ln
# --
;; ------------------------------------------------
;; ------------------------------------------------

However when I type ln and hit TAB, nothing happens.

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Put them in "emacs-lisp-mode" folder.

The Emacs Lisp mode is called emacs-lisp-mode.

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