evil-collection is mostly quite useful - but occasionally the default settings shadow my global bindings and I seem to need to restart emacs to remove the binding.

I bit up against this problem with the bindings for gnus.

The problematic binding is

 ","         'gnus-summary-best-unread-article

Set by

  (evil-collection-define-key 'normal 'gnus-summary-mode-map

in evil-collection-gnus-setup.

How can I get rid of this binding without restarting emacs?

What I've tried

I tried both these function calls:

(evil-define-minor-mode-key 'normal 'gnus-summary-mode-map "," nil)
(evil-define-key 'normal 'gnus-summary-mode-map " " nil)

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I use this to re-map Evil collection keys, this is just a small snippet:

(with-eval-after-load 'evil-collection
  (evil-collection-define-key 'normal 'gnus-summary-mode-map
    "," nil))

To get rid of the key binding without restarting Emacs, just evaluate the evil-collection-define-key part.

  • Thanks. This answer gave me enough certainty to some more digging. In the case of gnus there were a few different modes. So I did M-x eval-expression major-mode and found out that I needed to define a binding in gnus-group-mode-map.
    – Att Righ
    Mar 18, 2023 at 23:35

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