Linux Mint 20.3

Emacs 27

For every command I get the next message in minibuffer:

eldoc error: (void-function embark-eldoc-first-target) 

He my setting of embark package in init.el

(use-package embark
  :ensure t
   ("M-." . embark-dwim)      ;; good alternative: M-.
   ("C-S-a" . embark-act)
   ("C-h B" . embark-bindings)) ;; alternative for `describe-bindings'
  ;; Optionally replace the key help with a completing-read interface
  (setq prefix-help-command #'embark-prefix-help-command)
  ;; Show the Embark target at point via Eldoc.  You may adjust the Eldoc
  ;; strategy, if you want to see the documentation from multiple providers.
  (add-hook 'eldoc-documentation-functions #'embark-eldoc-first-target)
  ;; (setq eldoc-documentation-strategy #'eldoc-documentation-compose-eagerly)
  ;; C-x C-h
  (setq prefix-help-command #'embark-prefix-help-command) ;; you can filter
  ;; Hide the mode line of the Embark live/completions buffers
  (add-to-list 'display-buffer-alist
               '("\\`\\*Embark Collect \\(Live\\|Completions\\)\\*"
                 (window-parameters (mode-line-format . none)))))

;; Consult users will also want the embark-consult package.
(use-package embark-consult
  :ensure t ; only need to install it, embark loads it after consult if found
  (embark-collect-mode . consult-preview-at-point-mode))

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Please tell me if there is anything wrong with that. But you can definitely avoid the error by placing (add-hook 'eldoc-documentation-functions #'embark-eldoc-first-target)

behind the config: keyword instead of the init: keyword.


The issue is that eldoc will call embark-eldoc-first-target before embark is loaded (since the :bind part of your use-package form will defer loading until one of the keys you set is pressed).

Solution: explicitly load embark by putting

:demand t

near the top of the use-package form.

  • Why the downvote? I don't know if this is correct or not, but it looks plausible at first sight.
    – NickD
    Mar 21, 2023 at 21:03

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