I used spacemacs for my work, now I need to unbind M-1 with following, but not work

(global-unset-key (kbd "M-1")) I checked binding, it looks M-1 was used by winum-select-window-1.anyone knows how to unbind this key bind? thanks a lot

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This keybinding is defined in the winum-keymap. You can unbind it using:

(define-key winum-keymap (kbd "M-1") nil)

global-unset-key is for removing global keybindings only, not bindings defined in specific keymaps. You can try using it after you have removed the definition from the winum-keymap (to remove its binding as a digit argument). However, there is no need to remove it, if you want, then you can just redefine it directly using global-set-key.

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    thanks a lot! it works
    – qbai
    Mar 20, 2023 at 8:30

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