[MacOS, running 28.2 from emacsformacos.com]

When I do describe-bindings I see that the "Global Bindings" includes a bunch of bindings with the prefix s - not S for "Shift".

enter image description here

What is the s prefix?

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    I think it means "super" key. Usually the "Win" key.
    – Arktik
    Mar 20, 2023 at 16:31

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s- is the key-description for the Super modifier key, written as pseudo function key <Super>.

See the Emacs manual, node Modifier Keys.

And the Emacs manual node Glossary says this:


Super is the name of a modifier bit that a keyboard input character may have. To make a character Super, type it while holding down the SUPER key. Such characters are given names that start with Super- (usually written s- for short). See Modifier Keys.

For macOS see also Emacs manual node Mac / GNUstep Basics.

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