As the title says, I am unable to create a footnote that has a definition. According to the documentation,

[fn:NAME: a definition]

should be a valid footnote, but my Emacs doesn't recognize it. [fn:NAME] is recognized as a footnote, but if I add a second colon anywhere, it is treated as regular text and is not linked to by footnotes.

Does anyone know how to fix this (assuming it isn't a documentation bug)?

I'm using Emacs 28.2 from the railwaycat brew cask for MacOS (M1) with org-mode 9.5.5.

  • I cannot reproduce this (but I'm not on macOS), but what do you mean by "my Emacs doesn't recognize it"? What do you do to verify that? If I do C-c C-c on any [fn:1] in the following, it takes me to the first one where the footnote is defined and LaTeX export works as expected: * This is a footnote test\n This is a footnote to [fn:1:Some footnote]]\n * And another\n This footnote[fn:1] refers to the same footnote.\n * ... and another\n This is another footnote[fn:1] referring to the same text.\n (you have to supply the missing newlines where indicated to reconstruct the example).
    – NickD
    Mar 20 at 20:36


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