I'm using treemacs as the file browser for my emacs. I've enabled kaolin-treemacs-theme for treemacs.

(use-package kaolin-themes
  (load-theme 'kaolin-dark t)

My treemacs config is -

;;; treemacs.el --- setup treemacs in emacs editor
;;; commentary:
;;; code:

(use-package treemacs
  :ensure t
  :defer t
  (with-eval-after-load 'winum
    (define-key winum-keymap (kbd "M-0") #'treemacs-select-window))
    (setq treemacs-collapse-dirs                 (if treemacs-python-executable 3 0)
          treemacs-deferred-git-apply-delay      0.5
          treemacs-directory-name-transformer    #'identity
          treemacs-display-in-side-window        t
          treemacs-eldoc-display                 t
          treemacs-file-event-delay              5000
          treemacs-file-extension-regex          treemacs-last-period-regex-value
          treemacs-file-follow-delay             0.2
          treemacs-file-name-transformer         #'identity
          treemacs-follow-after-init             t
          treemacs-git-command-pipe              ""
          treemacs-goto-tag-strategy             'refetch-index
          treemacs-indentation                   2
          treemacs-indentation-string            " "
          treemacs-is-never-other-window         nil
          treemacs-max-git-entries               5000
          treemacs-missing-project-action        'ask
          treemacs-move-forward-on-expand        nil
          treemacs-no-png-images                 nil
          treemacs-no-delete-other-windows       t
          treemacs-project-follow-cleanup        nil
          treemacs-persist-file                  (expand-file-name ".cache/treemacs-persist" user-emacs-directory)
          treemacs-position                      'left
          treemacs-read-string-input             'from-child-frame
          treemacs-recenter-distance             0.1
          treemacs-recenter-after-file-follow    nil
          treemacs-recenter-after-tag-follow     nil
          treemacs-recenter-after-project-jump   'always
          treemacs-recenter-after-project-expand 'on-distance
          treemacs-show-cursor                   nil
          treemacs-show-hidden-files             t
          treemacs-silent-filewatch              nil
          treemacs-silent-refresh                nil
          treemacs-sorting                       'alphabetic-asc
          treemacs-space-between-root-nodes      t
          treemacs-tag-follow-cleanup            t
          treemacs-tag-follow-delay              1.5
          treemacs-user-mode-line-format         nil
          treemacs-user-header-line-format       nil
          treemacs-width                         35
          treemacs-width-is-initially-locked     nil
          treemacs-workspace-switch-cleanup      nil)

    ;; The default width and height of the icons is 22 pixels. If you are
    ;; using a Hi-DPI display, uncomment this to double the icon size.
    ;;(treemacs-resize-icons 44)

    (treemacs-follow-mode t)
    (treemacs-filewatch-mode t)
    (treemacs-fringe-indicator-mode 'always)
    (pcase (cons (not (null (executable-find "git")))
                 (not (null treemacs-python-executable)))
      (`(t . t)
       (treemacs-git-mode 'deferred))
      (`(t . _)
       (treemacs-git-mode 'simple))))
  (:map global-map
        ("M-0"       . treemacs-select-window)
        ("C-x t 1"   . treemacs-delete-other-windows)
        ("C-x t t"   . treemacs)
        ("C-x t B"   . treemacs-bookmark)
        ("C-x t C-t" . treemacs-find-file)
        ("C-x t M-t" . treemacs-find-tag)))

(use-package treemacs-evil
  :after (treemacs evil)
  :ensure t)

(use-package treemacs-projectile
  :after (treemacs projectile)
  :ensure t)

(use-package treemacs-icons-dired
  :after (treemacs dired)
  :ensure t
  :config (treemacs-icons-dired-mode))

(use-package treemacs-magit
  :after (treemacs magit)
  :ensure t)

(use-package treemacs-persp ;;treemacs-perspective if you use perspective.el vs. persp-mode
  :after (treemacs persp-mode) ;;or perspective vs. persp-mode
  :ensure t
  :config (treemacs-set-scope-type 'Perspectives))

(provide 'treemacs)
;;; treemacs.el ends here

Now I would like to switch the cursor from buffer window and treemacs window. This is done using M-0.

This shortcut works as expected but I'm getting below error as well.

Wrong number of arguments: ((t) nil "Remove fringes in treemacs window." (if (display-graphic-p) (progn (setq left-fringe-width 0) (setq right-fringe-width 0)))), 1 

kaolin treemacs error

I understand this comes from here but I don't know how to fix this.

My complete dotfiles for emacs is here.

How can I fix this error?


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