I would like to have different structures or skeletons for different articles in different Orgmode documents, e.g., article-AA.org would have certain header options for latex, then it would have a #+TITLE: and #+AUTHOR:, and a list of headings and subheadings, some of them with some prefilled text.

Then I would have a function e.g., M-x article-AA, that would populate an opened empty orgmode buffer with the content specified in article-AA.org, so it's ready for me to type and fill it it.

How to go about this?

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    There are many such templating systems for Emacs. I use auto-insert which is built-in to Emacs. Do C-h f auto-insert-mode, click on the file link autoinsert.el and read the commentary at the top of the file. See also the EmacsWiki page.
    – NickD
    Mar 22 at 13:53


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