In org-mode, I can exclude a code blocks from HTML export with something like this:

#+header: :eval (eval (if (string= org-export-current-backend "html") "no" "yes")))
#+begin_src R

How can I achieve the same for a heading and its contents? Something like a conditional noexport tag. I have tried to use similar elisp code in the PROPERTY drawer but this and several variations did not work:

* Section
:EXPORT: (eval (if (string= org-export-current-backend "html") "no" "yes")))

I have also tried to set a TAGS property to noexport or :noexport:


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I found an answer based on dalanicolai's comment, which led me here. I tag the headings that I don't want to export to, say, latex with noexport_latex and I also define this hook to add to org-export-before-parsing-hook:

(defun exclude-from-latex-export-hook (backend)
  (setq org-export-exclude-tags (remove "noexport_latex" org-export-exclude-tags))
  (if (string= backend "latex")
  (push "noexport_latex" org-export-exclude-tags)))

This uses the standard selective export mechanism but modifies the list of excluded tags on the fly depending on the export backend.

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    Ah great, I guess you peeked at @NickD's answer then also. I did not have much time to look into it, but I remembered that question/answer was very much related. Nice that it 'worked out well'! And thanks for sharing the solution, of course... Mar 24 at 3:12

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