I want to have a Least Recently Used (LRU) System in my org mode. Analogy from caching.

First I saw this Question here.

The solution was perfect for my needs. What I would like to add to the code is the ability to change also the :MODIFIED: date for the parent headers or all the headers above the subheader whose content I'm updating.

This is because I want to sort my first-level headers inside my .org file. But unfortunately the org-sort-entries just checks the properties from the headers in the current hierarchy.

I also made the experience that the code from this question had one weakness. When I am searching for an entry with C-s or with M-x org-ql-search in an folded .org file, it shows me just the entry and hides all the following entries in the same hierarchy.

When I am editing the content of the searched entry in this view, it also changes the property :MODIFIED: in all "invisible" entries in the same hierarchy until the next parent header is showing up.

I have a very small amount of knowledge about emacs-lisp. Would be nice to have some ideas or improvements from the community here.



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