Years ago I had trouble switching to spacemacs from a vanilla emacs configuration. I was unable to reliably run both configurations without trickery involving moving .emacs.d directories.

Now I have the same question, but for moving from spacemacs to doom emacs. What is the most reliable way to run both alongside each other, without moving config directories?

Note: Why here on stackexchange? While it is likely that specific spacemacs configurations may cause specific problems, it is also likely some methods are more reliable than others, and perhaps voting here will point towards the most reliable method (and indeed help to focus attention on fixing common problems). This problem has persisted for me for several years, so I don't think it's very fast-moving.

Finally: Part of the problem may be that some details are omitted from current documentation. For example: I think it would help if methods said explicitly how to run the bin/doom utility (is it necessary to also point that at the right emacs configuration? even if the answer is "no", that is worth explicitly noting I think). Another example: directory names seem to matter sometimes. So I think a complete method is not, for example "use chemacs2", but a rather concrete set of steps.


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