I want to change org-hide-emphasis-markers variable in a mid of editing emphasized words (e.g. bold, italics, inline code). Basically I want keybinding for toggling (hide/show) emphasis markers (~_*=).

Problem: after changing value in org-hide-emphasis-markers, it needs pressing C-c C-c at the top level, in order to change applies.

Question: How to execute (org-ctrl-c-ctrl-c) from anywhere in the buffer (i.e. without moving my cursor, or without extending/collapsing my subheadings) such that it's behavior is same as C-c C-c-ing at the top. Maybe perhaps adding some arguments?

PS.: I've seen great package org-appear. However, It's automatic feature disrupts my flow. Plus, I want to do it manually.

PS: also M-x org-mode (or org-mode-restart) collapses my current subheading due to my (#+STARTUP: show2levels)

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org-mode uses font-lock to show the emphasis markers. So you can just 'reapply' the fontification using font-lock-update.

You could bind the following command to your preferred keybinding

(defun org-toggle-emphasis-markers ()
  (setq org-hide-emphasis-markers (not org-hide-emphasis-markers))

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