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I am setting up mu4e on emacs and I got but when I try to send an email I cant because my .authinfo.gpg is not being decrypted. it says that it cant find the key.

But I remember trying to encrypt an .authinfo file within emacs but couldnt so I used my terminal and I did this:

gpg -c .authinfo

And I entered the passphrase.

So now I want to use this passphrase to decrypt my file but I dont know how I can get emacs to see this passphrase and How to configure.

I have tried searching through google to find my answer but cant find it.



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Ok so I was able to send my email with mu4e and this is how I made it work.

In my .authinfo.gpg file added this to the top of the file:

# -*- epa-file-encrypt-to: ("[email protected]") -*-

But I also had to generate a gpg key and once you do emacs is smart to know the key.

to generate the key do this:

gpg --gen-key
gpg --armor --export-secret-keys <email> > mykey.asc

and to encrypt your file - in my case .authinfo do:

gpg -c file1.txt

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