In the documentation for Elpy 1.35, near the part about elpy-doc, there is a statment to the effect of

If the autodoc module is enabled (not by default) ...

What is the autodoc module, and how does one enable it? I cannot find more information about it in the Elpy documentation, and even grep'ing through the Elpy codebase in the GitHub repository finds almost nothing about "autodoc".

  • There is autodoc.el. Or, the built in eldoc-mode.
    – scribe
    Apr 20 at 5:56
  • @scribe autodoc.el is for elisp functions, according to its docs – not sure why that would be relevant for Python? Ditto for eldoc-mode.
    – mhucka
    Apr 20 at 23:16

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The autotdoc module referenced in the Elpy docs is a specific Elpy module. You can enable it by configuring Elpy. You can find its definition in Elpy's main source file elpy.el

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