I know I can use the function org-content to fold all my outlines to specific levels when I'm in org-mode. That means:

  1. Using (org-content 1) will fold all my org outlines to the first level
  2. Using (org-content 2) will fold all my org outlines until the second level
  3. Using (org-content 3) will fold all my org outlines until the third level

That works fine. However, I want to do exactly the same thing in the outline-minor-mode instead of the org-mode. My outlines are defined as:

(defvar my-outline-regexp-alist
  '((emacs-lisp-mode . "\\s-*;;\\*+")
    (js2-mode        . "\\s-*//\\*+")
    (web-mode        . "\\s-*//\\*+")
    (java-mode       . "\\s-*//\\*+")
    (c-mode          . "\\s-*//\\*+")
    (python-mode     . "\\s-*##\\*+")
    (sh-mode         . "\\s-*##\\*+")))

The complete configuration can be found on this other emacs exchange answer. I haven't found any built-in outline function that substitutes the function org-content. The function outline-hide-sublevels is apparently the equivalent to the org-content, but if I execute (outline-hide-sublevels 1) for example it doesn't work as the (org-content 1) does in org-mode.

Is there any built-in function I can use in outline-minor-mode that will work as the org-content function? If not, is there any workaround for that?

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This functionality is provided by outline-hide-sublevels but you have to fix your outline-regexp. Try e.g. with an emacs-lisp-mode outline-regexp of ;;;*.

  • That's not working in my case... I said in my question that I've tried using (outline-hide-sublevels 1) but it doesn't work at all... I only see ... at my first outline when I use it, and even the headings of my outlines are not shown. I'm not sure if it's a conflict with the way I'm configuring my outlines. But the function outline-hide-sublevels is not doing what it should be doing in my case.
    – raylight
    Apr 30, 2023 at 19:05
  • Ah sorry, I notice now that I did not read that part. Anyway, when I replace my emacs-lisp outline-regexp with the version from your alist, indeed the function doesn't work. Try again with the following emacs-lisp outline-regexp ;;;;* (or with the default emacs-lisp outline-regexp when starting from emacs -q). I guess, similarly, your other 'outline-regexp' break the outline-hide-sublevels functionality. Apr 30, 2023 at 19:24

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