I currenlty run emacs-nox on WSL2. My workflow is as such:

[Gentoo Linux Host] –ssh–> [WSL2 Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS (Windows VM)] –open–> [emacs] –edit–> /mnt/c/<Path>/<Files>

There is a significant performance increase to using the windows git.exe instead of the one on Ubuntu in wsl as I am working primarily in /mnt/c/<Path>/<Files>

I setup magit-git-executable to use windows git.exe as follows:

(when (string-match "-[Mm]icrosoft" operating-system-release)
  (setq magit-git-executable "/mnt/c/Program Files/Git/cmd/git.exe"))

It works great; however, the only thing I cannot seem to get working is magit-commit

I did manage to get it working without emacs however.

I created a script in wsl to convert the git.exe path argument to a wsl path


WSL_PATH=$(wslpath -u "$1")
emacsclient "$WSL_PATH"

I then copied the command that magit-commit runs by grabbing it from M-x list-process in emacs and added -c "core.editor=wsl -e wslemacs".

git.exe --no-pager ... -c "core.editor=wsl -e wslemacs" commit --

When run from cmd.exe on windows it successfully opens COMMIT_EDITMSG in emacs running on wsl just as magit would.

I tried adding this to magit-git-global-arguments but still no luck.

I tried writing some output to a file from my wslemacs script to see if it was even being called when using magit-commit and it doesn't seem to be.

I tried using full paths to wsl and to my wslemacs script and still nothing works.

I was looking into magit-git.el and notice some stuff like magit-cygwin-mount-points that perhaps are hinting that something similar must be handled for wsl? I am really not sure.

What occurs when I try to commit in emacs with magit is it spawns a process to git.exe and it seems to just hang forever.

I tried looking at the with-editor-debug output but nothing jumps out at me. Happy to post if anyone thinks it would be helpful.

The only other thing I notice is that I think with-editor runs a separate emacs server than the one I was able to successfully commit when running git.exe directly from cmd.exe

Any help would be appreciated.

UPDATE I did a bit more digging. looks like this is the value of process-environment in the magit-start-process function in magit-process.el

"ALTERNATE_EDITOR=sh -c 'printf \"\\nWITH-EDITOR: $$ OPEN $0\\037 IN $(pwd)\\n\"; sleep 604800 & sleep=$!; trap \"kill $sleep; exit 0\" USR1; trap \"kill $sleep; exit 1\" USR2; wait $sleep'" "GIT_EDITOR=/usr/bin/emacsclient28 --socket-name=/tmp/emacs1000/server"
"SSH_CLIENT= 1685 2222"
"GIT_EDITOR=wsl -e wslemacs"
"LESSOPEN=| /usr/bin/lesspipe %s"
"LESSCLOSE=/usr/bin/lesspipe %s %s"
"SSH_CONNECTION= 1685 2222"
"EDITOR=wsl -e wslemacs"


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