Org-roam's org-roam-node-find and org-roam-node-insert functions both match node titles case-sensitively. To find a node called "JavaScript" I can't just type lowercase j TAB, I have to type uppercase J TAB.

I'm using Emacs without any custom completion framework and I'd rather not globally set completions to be case-insensitive.

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Use the following config to override the behaviour of org-roam-node-read to be case-insensitive:

(defun case-insensitive-org-roam-node-read (orig-fn &rest args)
  (let ((completion-ignore-case t))
    (apply orig-fn args)))
(advice-add 'org-roam-node-read :around #'case-insensitive-org-roam-node-read)

The org-roam-node-read function is called by both org-roam-node-find and org-roam-node-insert. The above change temporarily sets the completion-ignore-case variable before running the original org-roam-node-read function.

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