Org-mode newbie here.

I use the org-agenda-filter pretty heavily as part of my daily agenda workflow. I have a tag for "Work" related TODO items and repeat this operation several times a day:

  1. Pressing C-a a
  2. invoke the org-agenda-filter using /
  3. filter to my tag and TODO items of interest e.g. Work/TODO

I want to create a custom filter command for this and have worked on this so far:

(setq org-agenda-custom-commands
  '(("w" "List Work Tasks"
 ((agenda "" ((org-agenda-span 'week)))
  (org-agenda-filter '("Work/TODO"))))))

When I press C-a w, it asks me to enter my Tag/TODO keywords again. It seems like this code is not able to pass the search terms to org-agenda filter.

What am I doing wrong?

  • In step 1, I don't know what C-a a does. Can you clarify? Do you mean C-c a as described in Activation in the manual? If you really mean C-a a, then tell us what that is bound to: do C-h c C-a a and tell us what it says. Then in step 2, what does '/' do? In my agenda dispatcher, it does Multi-occur which is a text search function, not a tag/TODO search. Please clarify.
    – NickD
    Commented May 28, 2023 at 3:16

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This seems surprisingly hard to do! The recommended approach seems to be this footnote in the docs. It describes creating custom agenda commands where:

... one of the variables org-agenda-tag-filter-preset, org-agenda-category-filter-preset, org-agenda-effort-filter-preset or org-agenda-regexp-filter-preset [are set] as an option. This filter is then applied to the view and persists as a basic filter through refreshes and more secondary filtering.

Like you, I didn't really want a dedicated org-agenda command, instead to bind to a key for turning on and off a particular filter inside any agenda. In my case, I wanted to toggle a category filter not a tag.

None of the "interactive" org-agenda filter functions support passing in the filter value as an argument, they all either prompt or take the filter value from under the point.

I went looking at the function implementations. org-agenda-filter-by-category is less general than org-agenda-filter, so it was a bit easier to understand. This function updates the variable org-agenda-category-filter and then calls org-agenda-filter-apply with the result. Here's the key bit:

 (setq org-agenda-category-filter
  (list (concat "+" cat)))

On that basis, I wrote a function similar to this:

(defun my/org-agenda-toggle-work ()
 "Toggle excluding work category from the agenda"
 (if org-agenda-category-filter
  (org-agenda-remove-filter 'category)
  (org-agenda-filter-apply (setq org-agenda-category-filter '("-work")) 'category)

And bound it to a key in org-agenda-mode-map. Seems to work!

I think you could do the same thing for a tag filter, but instead set variable org-agenda-tag-filter and pass 'tag as the type.

Overall this seems like an ugly hack that couples too deeply into the implementation of org-agenda filtering. Would like to find a nicer way to do this (for example, extending the interactive function org-agenda-filter to take an optional value argument).

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