my .rest file have a variable

:authKey = (getenv "GITHUB_AUTH_TOKEN")

My problem is that :authKey value is been evaluating as literal (getenv "GITHUB_AUTH_TOKEN"). Elisp is not been evaulated.

What could be the problem my restclient mode is not avaluating elisp?

The request works fine when use :authKey 123 (hard coded key)

The major modes actives in my .rest file buffer is:

(ReST +2 Helm yas WK Abbrev Fill)

as showed below...

enter image description here


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You forgot a character. I’ll quote from the documentation:

You declare a variable like this:

:myvar = the value

or like this:

:myvar := (some (artbitrary 'elisp)

If you want it to evaluate it as elisp, you must use the := assignment operator.

Normally questions like this should be posted to the package’s support forums, not the Emacs support forums. Since this package is hosted on GitHub, you really should ask this type of question over there on GitHub.

  • Working now db48x thanks you Jun 15 at 12:47

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