How can I overcome the issue of asterisks being interpreted as bullets in an Emacs Org Mode code block when creating a draft Wikipedia page?

* Draft wikipedia page

#+begin_src Wikipedia

* foo
* bar


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When I try to use a Wikipedia source-code block and try to enter the editing buffer with C-c ' I get an error: No such language mode: Wikipedia-mode. According to the list of supported languages (here) there is no wikipedia option. When I use org code blocks however, and enter the editing buffer with C-c ', type some headings and then close it after editing with C-c ', asterisks are prefixed with a comma, like so:

* top
  #+begin_src org
    ,* first 
    ,** second

So org-mode does not interpret the asterisks as headlines. Prefixing them with a comma will probably work for your (custom?) Wikipedia source code blocks as well. Or just use org code blocks, edit them with C-c ' and rename them to Wikipedia after your editing is done.


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