Main question: In order spell checkers can apply, M-x iso-tex2iso is nice for converting TeX-encoded files to e.g. UTF-8 encoded ones. But, in case a numerous files to convert, running this command in a batch mode would be helpful. How to do that?

Subsidiary question: (not for me, for a friend of mine owning a Mac) On OSX, how to make this batch thing a script with an associated icon that could "receive" (by "drag and drop") a file to be converted?

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    I don't know how exactly iso-tex2iso works, but I'm certain of that you can run Emacs in batch mode: emacswiki.org/emacs/BatchMode gnu.org/software/emacs/manual/html_node/elisp/Batch-Mode.html - it could be enough for your task as is, or maybe you will need to write a wrapper function to feed the data to iso-tex2iso. Of course you could also do it from Emacs interactively too with either macros or some Elisp code - depends on your actual requirement. – wvxvw Jan 29 '15 at 7:15
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    Also, studying how batch-byte-compile does it's job could be useful. – politza Jan 29 '15 at 7:51

Thanks to wvxvw's comment, I can answer my own (main) question: in order to convert a TeX-encoded file, say foo.tex, into an UTF-8 encoded one, it is enough to run (no need to open the file in emacs):

emacs -batch foo.tex -f mark-whole-buffer -f iso-tex2iso -f save-buffer -kill

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